Architectural Theory Final Paper

Architectural Theory Final Paper - Benjamin Boyd UFID:...

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Benjamin Boyd UFID: 5496-9164 Architecture as an ethical work : the builder’s role in society 1030 words
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When the average layman thinks of architects, he envisions someone who is well versed in mathematics and materials and possesses the artistic talent to shape the earth in eye-catching and pleasing ways. And while that person is close to the mark, they shy away from some of the most important and interesting aspects of the profession. An architect is a player in society, just as any other job, but has the unique opportunity to shape the way that society interacts with their world. While some others may only affect portions or specific demographics of people, an architect reaches across race, policy, and monetary worth to touch everyone within a quick glace of anything he is answerable for. However, with this overwhelming effectiveness comes a responsibility to be above those that see his work. An architect’s role should be to be forever learning beyond that of his counterparts, to change the world with a careful recognition of the past, and, most importantly, to make his environment beautiful – a beauty that he should discover through his work. The first job of the architect is along the path of knowledge. The world is ever-changing and the builder should be aware of what is dynamic around him – be it new materials, or new needs his position could fill. There is an important balance that must be recognized as ideally suited for an architect to take the job to its premier level. Vitruvius posed that “expertise is born of
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Architectural Theory Final Paper - Benjamin Boyd UFID:...

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