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Homework 1 Materials - Benjamin Boyd Chapter 1 Making...

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Benjamin Boyd Chapter 1 - Making Buildings 1. Building codes are enforced in the same manner as law enforcement. Building codes are drawn up just as legal matters, with all the proper paperwork. Building codes were created to manage materials used, construction methods, the usage of electrical fixtures, and other equipment used in construction. Building codes are have their own identity and are singled out from other judicial matters. Building codes apply to every and all buildings. Building codes are just a standard to start at, builders are expected to go over and beyond the bindings of the code. Building codes are based on research into materials that is done on a national level. Building code offcials are empowered to enforce the law but are not liable for overall building design. Building codes are reviewed every year and revised to keep up with progress in the profession. False 2. “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” Conserve - Use as little resources as possible in construction Reuse – Try to use as many recycles materials as possible. Renew/Recycle – Use resources that can be used again or are being used again. Protect Nature – Try to leave the natural environment as untouched as possible. Non-Toxics – Avoided using toxic materials in any of the construction. Quality – Do a job that brings pride to those that look at and use a building. 3. Allen is referring to the fact that the building sector is an ever-changing one
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Homework 1 Materials - Benjamin Boyd Chapter 1 Making...

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