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Benjamin Boyd Chapter 7 – Interior Finishes for Wood Light Frame Construction 1. Vapor retarders are foils, plastic, or treated papers that are used on the warmer side of the thermal insulation to prevent moisture from reaching it. 2. The R value of substance the measurement of the heat that it can keep out or retard. Foamed in place (polyurethane), rigid board, foamed in place (polyicene), loose fibers with binder, batt or blanket. 3. A stair should have a landing at 12ft at the most. The formula for risers and treads is (2R+T = 24-25 inches. The maximum suggested riser for a stair is 7”. 4. The minimum allowable width of a stair for an elementary school would be about 44 inches because it is a large capacity building. The minimum allowable headroom would be around 6’8”. 5. It is a very good idea to apply wood paneling over a gypsum board because that board has one of the highest “perm” values.
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Benjamin Boyd Chapter 8 – Brick Masonry 1. Sustainable advantages of brick include that they last a very long time, are made mostly from materials that are gathered from the surrounding region, and that they cause little or no indoor air problems over time. 2. Mortar is the substance, made of hydrated cement (usually), the binds bricks together and cushions this connection. It also helps the integrity of the building by keeping wind and water from penetrating the wall. 3. The three most common methods for brick forming are the soft mud process, dry press process, and the stiff mud process. The last is the most commonly used process in the United States because it produces the most bricks in the quickest time. 4. I would chose a SW grade because it allows for the least color differentiation and a type FBX because they are noted for their exemplary resistance to weathering since Arkansas is a severe weathering area. 5.
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Homework 2 Materials - Benjamin Boyd Chapter 7 Interior...

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