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LA History Study Guide - Test 3

LA History Study Guide - Test 3 - Test Three Study Guide...

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Test Three Study Guide – Lectures Housing Communities: Emerald Necklace French vs Italian Ren Gardens Jens Jensen and Prairie School : o Mountain topo + Midwest landscape + Northeastern landscape architects. Frederick law Olmsted : o Importance of Contact with nature o Importance of beautiful scenery o Importance of moral responsibility from government to protect and serve. Public Health Movement: Sanitary Awakening Modern town planning emerged to counter impacts oof Industrial Revolution. City Beautiful : Physical unity = Civic Unity Comprehensive Physical planning Strong aesthetic / unified character Optimistic Ideal of Urban life City Efficient: Comprehensive Planning / Systems Form follows health, safety, and welfare of the public. American with Disabilities Act Robert Moses: o New York parks Commissioner o First state park system o First highway system o Jones Beach United Stated Access Board: o Outlines architecture and transportation compliance guidelines. Ebenezer Howard : o “Garden Cities of Tomorrow: o Town – Country – Town and Country (Circle Diagram) o Emphasized carrying capacity, quality of life, efficiency and fuction.
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