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toms papar quiz - for them As I notice in high school they...

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The Master Ideas and Ideas come first are great stories that demonstrate their points in knowledge. In the Master Ideas, Roszak said “Ideas are born, not from data, but from absolute conviction that catches fire in the mind of one, of a few, then of many as the ideas spreads to other lives where enough of the same experience can be found waiting to be ignited.” These words are great concept of the ideas and show us how it travel and affect us. He also explains how human beings have discovered it by way of revelation, sudden insight, or the slow growth of wisdom over a lifetime. This statement is reality, because a child learns by time and listening to a language and influenced by it. Roszak believes students should just learn by experience and what life has to offer
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Unformatted text preview: for them. As I notice in high school they prepare you for college but if your not that great college have a class called “Mat 101” in which they will teach you some of the basic math back in high school and slowly move you up to a higher level. So the process of restating work and slowly moving up in a certain pace will be beneficial for most students. In life instead of teaching hardcore faqs and straight from the book they should have a class that will prepare you for humanity. For example, in a science we learn faqs and we are not able to express ourselves. In a English class we are able to express our thoughts and feeling through writing and speaking....
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