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Wojcik 1 Bret Wojcik English 250 VD 4/11/08 Five Gold Rings Imagine receiving a pair of tickets to a comedy act of someone whom you’ve never seen before. The person who gave you the tickets praises the person for their humor and antics. You stroll into the auditorium and wait for him to make his grand entrance. When he steps out wearing knee high leather heels, tight black leather pants, and a tight top with a diamond necklace complete with diamond earrings the crowd stares in awe. Most people unfamiliar with transvestites would initially be repulsed and disgusted with a man dressing in women’s attire. In ‘Dress to Kill’ and ‘Circle,’ Eddie Izzard covers a broad range of topics ranging from history to politics to sports. From his DVDs we can see his comedy material, how he conveys his material, and what he wants his audience to get from his performance is what makes Eddie Izzard one of the most unique stand-up comedians. One of the most distinctive aspects of Eddie Izzard is that he is a transvestite comedian. Someone with his sexuality who does stand-up comedy is rare enough to see. Also, he pokes fun at his transvestitism by calling himself an “executive transvestite” as well as an “action transvestite” which makes the audience feel more comfortable with it. Another rare trait that Eddie possesses is that he does stand-up in more than one language. Not many comedians do their acts in three different languages and know each languages dialect so he sounds like a citizen of that particular country. In one of his routines he spoke a little French in a scene to convey how hard it is to get certain phrases into normal conversation such as: “the mouse is underneath the
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Wojcik 2 table” and “the monkey is on the branch.” Even though the majority of the audience doesn’t know French, they can still obtain the gist of the conversation. One of the funniest parts of his routine was how Americans don’t know the words to Christian carols and national anthems. The partridge in a pear tree act was too true, at least from my perspective. I indeed have heard of the partridge in a pear tree carol and have listened to it on
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eddieizzardpaper - Wojcik 1 Bret Wojcik English 250 VD...

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