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griffin_sabine - Bret Wojcik English 250 VD Graphic...

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Bret Wojcik English 250 VD 3/28/08 Graphic Novel/Analysis An Inconvenient Truth Imagine receiving a postcard from someone who you have never met or never heard of; then, in the postcard that person asks you to send them something seemingly insignificant like a postcard. This brings about quite the dilemma for you. Knowing its nothing big, do you send them what they are asking for? The author, Nick Bantock, has written a similar story of mystery and question in Griffin & Sabine . Griffin Moss is a single man living in London who designs his own postcards and has a postcard company. Sabine is a bachelorette who lives in the south pacific and admires Griffin’s work. Although the book reads like the truth, it is fiction. Some of the intriguing aspects of the novel are the postcards used in the written conversations between the two characters. The obscure visuals on the postcards are captivating and make the reader wonder what the graphics represent. The ambiguous and uncertain postcards and relationship between Griffin and Sabine draw readers in and keep them asking questions. The story starts out with a postcard received by Griffin Moss from an unknown Sabine Strohem. A red and blue colored chick and single feathers on top of and underneath the head of the painted bird in the background characterize the postcard. Three and four cent stamps also fill in the corners containing decorated with oddly colored birds. Sabine asks for one of Griffin’s postcards with a goldfish breaking through a wine glass. Strangely enough, Griffin sends her a postcard back with the visual of the goldfish and wine glass and says, “I can’t fathom out how
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you were aware of my first, broken cup, sketch for this card. I don’t remember showing it to anyone. Please enlighten me.” This is how the link between the two is established. Both Griffin and Sabine begin to exchange postcards over the course of about a year. Griffin dates his postcards and sends them to Sabine usually once a month. Griffin receives postcards from Sabine asking him questions about his postcards, some that he has never shown anyone, and if she could get some. Griffin has no idea how she knows about them, but Griffin still sends her what she asked for, and he asks her more questions about how she knows who he is and what he does.
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