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homebeforemorning - Bret Wojcik April 16th 2008 History 222...

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Bret Wojcik April 16 th , 2008 History 222 Home Before Morning When a country is confronted with war, the nations’ citizens have to answer their call of duty. Lynda Van Devanter wants to answer that call; however, since she is a woman she is not allowed in combat. She has a different idea though. She wants to contribute to the war by saving and aiding the wounded and dying soldiers. Not many people would want to be in her position during and after the war because of the traumatic experiences she encountered. When one is given a choice of duty, pride, and honor versus pacifism and staying at home in a time of war, the most admirable thing to do is defend one’s country and that is just what Lynda Van Devanter did. From the age of four, Lynda Van Devanter’s dream was to become a Nurse. She would be “running around the house with kitchen towels, tying slings around everyone’s arms.” 1 Lynda Van Devanter is an Army nurse who was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia. She grew up with her four sisters, Mary, Jean, Nancy and Sue, and her parents. She was brought up Catholic by her religious fanatic dad, Rodney. She would go to church with him on weekday mornings when no one else was there. She believed the good in people always showed. When her father told her his stories of trying to join the Army and being rejected she felt it was her civic duty to join and defend her country. So, Lynda departs to Vietnam for several plausible reasons. First of 1 1 Lynda Van Devanter. Home Before Morning. Massachusetts, 1983. Pg: 28.
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all, since early childhood she dreamed of being a nurse. She would volunteer as a “pink angel” and help out at Georgetown hospital. Also, since her mother became chronically ill, she would be the caretaker of the household. She would do all the chores a mother would do like the laundry and cook dinner. Lynda says that, “I became very proficient at running the household. I was a natural caretaker. Nursing seemed logical” 2 . She wants to give something back to society. She decides that providing care to injured and dying soldiers in a far country is the best way to do it. Lynda and her best friend Barbara sign up to take basic training classes with the Army, and after that finishes they ship out to Vietnam. Lynda wants to serve her time in Vietnam and come back to her country with a sense of duty and honor. She feels that the best way to go about this is committing one year of her life to the United States Armed Forces.
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