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Ogawa 1 Ryan Ogawa Professor Neta Hoff English 111 17 March 2016 Reflective Letter For my Creative Writing Project, I wrote my own version of the “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” poem by Wallace Stevens.In class I learned that poem was open form poetry.An open form poem does not have an established pattern to it, whether it’s in line length, meter, rhyme, imagery, syntax, or stanzas.When we analyzed the Thirteen Ways poem in class, we were asked if the poem seemed like an arbitrary combination of thirteen separate poems.I said that the poem is not arbitrary.The author communicates to the reader in thirteen different ways that the black bird can be viewed through symbolic imagery.My poem is through a Cowboy’s fan’s point of view on an unexpected losing season. In the thirteen ways poem, the author uses the word blackbird in every part.However, open form does not require any patterns, like repeating words.In my poem, I wrote every part
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