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Daniel Zauderer Art and Technology: Protocol #1 Heidegger’s discussion of the “thing” is a good example of his powerful critiques on modern philosophy. He sets out to discredit popular conceptions of a thing that exist, or have existed, in philosophy. Such conceptions, Heidegger feels, constitute an “assault” upon the thing; they stand in the way of a thing’s ability to show itself, in itself . The first thing-concept Heidegger attacks is that of a thing as a collection of its characteristics. In focusing only on the many characteristics of a thing, on the many things that constitute a thing, the thing itself is eliminated. Additionally, as Heidegger points out, such a thing-concept is suitable for “any being whatsoever” rather than only things and is therefore a bad definition of a thing. Next, Heidegger attacks the conception of a thing as a bearer of the senses it conveys. This, too, stands in the way of a thing’s ability to show itself, in itself.
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