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Daniel Zauderer Response to “The Connection” Before the play began I read in the program that it was originally panned by critics. After that moment I began to search for non-traditional aspects inherent within the piece. From the start, the play is non-traditional. The characters are introduced to the audience before the play begins. There is audience interaction; the third wall is broken. There is no real plot, as explained by certain characters over and over again. The play is a “play within a play,” an extremely non-traditional and disliked idea. The presence of a camera distracts the audience. For these reasons, and because I have only acted in traditional works, I did not enjoy the whole play. Still, it grew on me. It was something that I had never even come close to seeing before. It grew on me because the play asked questions. It didn’t give explanations and it didn’t seem to answer its questions. It seemed to be more about existence than meaning. The camera seemed to implant the audience within the play, to
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