Trinity Tripod--Demise of Camp Trin Trin

Trinity Tripod--Demise of Camp Trin Trin - "The Formal...

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“The Formal Demise of Camp Trin Trin”: such is President Jones’ fondest desire for Trinity College, as stated in his 9/12/06 faculty address. “Never again would these three words be uttered,” spoke President Jones of his ideal Trinity. One third of the six page address was devoted to the intellectual ethos on campus; “As long as I’ve been associated with Trinity, this defines one of its biggest problems,” writes John Chatfield, professor of the American studies department and Trinity alum. The address commenced with a section describing successes which point to the changing intellectual ethos on campus, such as The Fred Pfeil Community Project (a place of social gathering based on uniting “social, cultural, and intellectual interests, thereby enriching campus life,” as cited from its mission statement), Bad Subjects (last year’s publication featuring student writing), more than 20 percent diversity enrollments this fall, and the recruitment of seventeen Presidential and Summit Scholars. Matthew Milner, co-founder of the Fred, is confident that the organization has helped to change campus culture “by simply providing a daily social option on campus centered around engagement, not detachment. Ultimately, this is what the Fred is all about: empowering all students with choices.” David Calder, contributor to Bad Subjects, is optimistic about the publication’s future success: “Was it read by enough students to change campus culture? Probably not. But as it builds a name for itself and attracts a wider audience and submission pool, I do believe it will help change campus culture.” Jones additionally pointed to the Princeton Review’s report on Trinity as an example of changing national viewpoint on the college’s intellectual environment. “If you examine what the Princeton Review said in its last edition about Trinity, you will see that the Review highlighted the fact that this perception might well be changing for the better: that the Camp Trin Trin label of years past may no longer be applicable to the present, diverse, and certainly intellectually able classes that have been recruited here in
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Trinity Tripod--Demise of Camp Trin Trin - "The Formal...

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