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Tripod--Tutorial Article - Budgetary considerations have...

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Budgetary considerations have forced the Tutorial College program to remain dormant. Tutorial College, “a ‘college within the College’ [which] offers a unified living and learning environment where about 50 students join five professors from five departments to pursue their interests in common readings, experiments, and discussions,” as stated in the program’s 2003 brochure, was “abandoned” prior to the start of the present school year “in order to save money,” according to Professor Richard T. Lee, the program’s founder. “The official reason was that the program cost too much. It took five faculty from their regular departments who needed to be replaced,” said Professor Michael Niemann, a professor for Tutorial College last school year. “I’m not holding my breath that it will be reinstated. We’ve been told that the financial difficulties will be around for another five years or so and I don’t expect any new initiatives that cost money,” Niemann continued. Lee commented, “as far as I know, the program is cancelled with no re-start date being planned.” Previous Tutorial professors remain frustrated over the program’s absence. “The
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Tripod--Tutorial Article - Budgetary considerations have...

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