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Daniel Zauderer Philosophy 101/Miller Brown Fourth Paper According to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, art is a combination of two wholly contradictory aspects: the Apollonian and the Dionysian. Yet although they are contradictory, a combination of the two is essential for the creation of successful art. Apollonian art, which consists primarily of painting, narrative literature, and poetry, gets its name from the Greek sun god, Apollo. Apollo, according to Nietzsche, represents knowledge and the attainment of knowledge; Apollo additionally praises the individual and self-knowledge (“principium individuationis”). Nietzsche then adds that Apollo represents dreams and illusion, a proposition which is at first confusing if one considers the fact that such qualities seem to contrast the others. Dionysian art, on the other hand, springs from Nietzsche’s conception of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine. Dionysius represents qualities such as physical intoxication, excess, hubris, worldly knowledge (as opposed to Apollonian cognition and self knowledge), and “ecstatic reality” (in contrast with the dreams and illusion associated with Apollo). Additionally, as opposed to the Apollonian concept of the individual, the Dionysian represents unity and a “world will.” Reality belongs to Dionysius because the Dionysian, in the purest sense, stands for “the great horrors of existence.” Survival, according to Nietzsche, deals directly with fear and anxiety; this fear and anxiety stems from the fact that human beings live a tragic existence that can not be changed, a fact which embodies Dionysian elements. While humans live a tragic existence, they can not survive if they immerse themselves in this
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Brown--Fourth Paper - Daniel Zauderer Philosophy 101/Miller...

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