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If I could find one noun in the English language to describe my being that noun would indubitably be “nothingness.” I am the embodiment of nothing. Therefore, nothing embodies me. I am neither hot nor cold. I am neither suffering nor bliss. I am neither virtuous nor immoral. I do not love and I am not loved. Possibly I am the Socratic modern day man. Socrates is forever desirous but his desires are never satisfied. He searches but does not find. Similarly, I am forever searching for that one aspect of life that will lead me to the truth and that aspect never shows itself. Not even a glimpse of that aspect is set forth. The principle is “eros.” As Aristophanes, the famous Greek comic said, we are lacking our other half and “eros” is the factor which prompts us to find it.
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Unformatted text preview: Certain individuals find a simple aspect of truth and that makes them content to continue searching. But that aspect must be extremely clear. Maybe it is a pleasing aspect such as nature or maybe it is as serious as a loved one. Others give up that quest for truth and they live a life of ignoring their nature. I can not ignore the nature that I was born to embody. Yet another human being or other aspect has ever acknowledged that I may be a part of their conception of truth. For this reason I am depressed to search. I no longer know how to live my life. Why I write this to you I am not sure. Yet I needed to philosophically rant to someone and you seemed to be a person who is used to my mumbling, drunken messages....
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