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apollo andx shit - What we thought was bad(serfs is now...

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Rational v. irrational 2. Apollo: rational Dionysius: irrational The principle of the individual=Apollo Dithoram=music associated with Dionysius MALE V FEMALE Dionysius=celebrated by women—they got MADD WICKEDDDD DRUNK AND ESCAPED FROM SOCIAL LIFE – MEN—RATIONAL—SCIENTISTS—BLA BLA BLA Rationality=alone Descartes—thinking alone, by himself, completely isolated Always went from place to place alone Disguises the cruelty of life behind science BAD THAT LIFE IS BECOMING RATIONALIZED—ALSO BECOMING INDIVIDUALIZED—LIKE DESCARTES--NOT LIBERATED FROM THE CONSTRAINTS OF STRUCTURED LIFE—APOLLO IS DEFEATING DIONYSIUS GOOD V BAD Good and bad were considered a long time ago Good determined based on class ranking and place in society Lords: powerful, rich, literate=GOOD Serfs=dirty, smelly, subjects = BAD Started to change Good=priests—who were aristocratic landlords Bad=evil, because religion is good SERFS ARE REALLY GOOD What we thought was good (nobles) is now evil
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Unformatted text preview: What we thought was bad (serfs) is now good BLESSED ARE THE WEAK, THE POOR, THE DOWNTRODDEN Nietzsche looked at the classic good—Landlord Bad=slave ethics—slaves are reactive—only get mad as a result of something Serfs couldn’t revolt—after, people realized that they were good—why did they still not revolt? – they CHOSE NOT TO! They wanted to keep their roles The Birth of Tragedy—The genealogy of morals What was good was now bad—attitude revolution Nietzsche=can we go BEYOND good and evil? EMOTIONAL V COGNITIVE DIONYSIUN APOLLO !!!! FORMAL=--the REAL TRUTH--Dionysius Representational=Apollo 3. fantasy of Olympus world of illusions forget about the horrors of existence 4. optimistic-scientific, view of the universe knowledge – rationality art would no longer be necessary, no longer fulfill its original function knowledge destroys art Was Socrates devoid of the Dionysian? NO Art has a SHITLOAD of shit in it...
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apollo andx shit - What we thought was bad(serfs is now...

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