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homework 1 revised_answers - Homework #1 (revised), 2007...

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Homework #1 (revised), 2007 WFC 10 Discussion Section (day, time) _____ Name: We are looking for brief 2-3 sentence answer. Turn this in with typed answers in your discussion section. 1. Mountain lions in California are now a fully protected species, thanks to a ballot proposition a few years ago. One can be killed (by permit) only if it is a threat to humans or livestock Imagine yourself as one of your ancestors in the period 1850-1900, in wherever country he/she was living . What do you think your attitude to lions (or similar large predators) would be? A century and a half ago was the Era of Exploitation, so I probably would have had a very negative attitude towards lions and their large predator equivalents, as well as towards all wildlife. In my opinion, wildlife would have interfered with progress and these animals should only have been there for the benefit and use of humans. And although this was shown through the numerous species of animals that were exploited and whose numbers decreased greatly during
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homework 1 revised_answers - Homework #1 (revised), 2007...

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