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Homework 2 NAME: For best results, type the answers in before you bring to class. 1. The tropics are located around the equator and are characterized by lots of rain forests and high diversity of life. Deserts are located just to the north or south of tropical areas and are characterized by a low diversity of life. How are these two types of area linked by the global climatic cycle? (See Chapter 3) The climate affects several aspects of different climatic regions, causing the variation in climate and distribution of plant and animal life. The soil is greatly influenced by the climate, so different regions have different types of soil which explains the variation of plant life. Another factor of this variation is the availability of water, allowing different kinds of plants to thrive in different areas. Animals that can survive on little water would live in the desert while animals that are adapted to living in humid environments where it rains frequently would live in the tropics. 2. You will hear about the u
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