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Homework #3 WFC 10 NAME _____________________________ 1. What are the roles of humans and predators in determining the realized niche of the Vancouver marmot? Marmots are often considered as pests by humans and some species are going extinct. One species, the Vancouver Island marmot had so few of their kind left in the wild that humans captured some and kept them in zoos, later on reintroducing them into the wild. Also, because marmots are important prey for some predators, this captive propagation helped to conserve their species and help lower predation rates. 2. In Krebs Chapter 2, there is an extended example of how red grouse populations are regulated. Sheep are mentioned as competitors with grouse for their food. Does grazing by sheep affect the niche or habitat of the grouse or both? Explain [remember the delta smelt example in lecture?]. Grazing by sheep probably affects both the niche and habitat of red grouse. Because sheep are competitors for food, the grouse might choose a different habitat to find food
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