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Homework 5 - Homework#5 NAME Rosanna Biell 1 Thoreau said...

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Homework #5 NAME: Rosanna Biell 1. Thoreau said “ In wildness is the preservation of the world” (see Primack p. 16-17). What did he mean by this? Is this a fact or just a hypothesis? As an advocate for nature, Thoreau didn't support the overrefinement of civilization or the materialistic needs of society. In saying that wilderness is the preservation of the world, he means that societies rose up from the wilderness, and we still use resources of nature for our nourishment. I believe this to be somewhat true; the wilderness is what we live off of, what we came from. Without it, we probably could not survive. And because of that, we should preserve it to the best of our abilities. 2. According to your reader, extinction is a natural process. So why are some many people concerned about endangered species, which are species on the verge of extinction. Why not just let species like the delta smelt go extinct? Conservation biology includes the preservation of all species, no matter how small or unimportant they may seem. A large part of it is based on the realization that there is a loss in
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