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Davis North Area Pond Essay

Davis North Area Pond Essay - Rosanna Biell WFC 10...

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Rosanna Biell WFC 10; Essay #2 (Management dilemma #3) Word count: 868 Drainage Ponds Take Away From Pond's Natural Beauty: What Can We Do to Help? Take a visit to the North Davis Ponds sometime; it may be more of an inspirational and educational experience than one might think. For example, without taking a trip to this small wildlife area, one might not know about the circulating issue of how the fundamental purpose of the pond may also be a harm to the abundant wildlife that it attracts. Walking down the paved path between ponds at this human-made pond area, one would probably take notice that the attractive little park was made for the purpose of human enjoyment. While this is true, it actually began with its origins as a drainage pond, serving the purpose of collecting accumulated water during the rainy winter season of Davis. One would also observe the wonderful plethora of wild birds sitting on and enjoying the natural resources of the pond, as well as the beautiful plants that surround it. But this should not be noticed without the realization that the attraction of wildlife to drainage ponds could potentially be dangerous. It is not acceptable for wildlife to be exposed to the chemical contaminants, oil, or other harmful substance that comes in with the drainage water.
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