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Putah Creek Essay - Field Trip #1: Putah Creek Essay...

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Field Trip #1: Putah Creek Essay Prompt: You are a vigorous 70-75 years old and taking the same route along the four Putah Creeks that you traveled in 2007, at the same time of year. Provide a narration that contrasts what you are seeing with what you saw in 2007. You are free to imagine the four areas having changed in any way you wish, from a complete wilderness to a paved cityscape. You may want to make the future Putah Creeks look the way you think they should look in the best of all possible worlds or you may want to take a much more pessimistic point of view. No matter what comparison you make, you must describe what you saw this year. Be sure to turn in your field notes with your paper. It is now the year 2055 and several months after my 70 th birthday. I recall some 50 years ago walking this same route back in my first college year at UC Davis. During that first quarter, the professor for a class I was taking on wildlife assigned a field trip project that seemed ridiculous at the time and just a way to get us to drop the infamous freshman 15. But as I retrace my steps from that time, I now see why it was important. The scene around here has changed so much. Going back 50 years, I remember seeing a real effort to conserve the wildlife and plants in the area. While there were several signs of human modification and there was much that could have been improved on in terms of conservation efforts, I also observed abundant native wildlife and plants. Among these were fish that swam and lived in the creek, rabbits that scampered quickly down the road,
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This essay was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course WFC 010 taught by Professor Moyle during the Fall '07 term at UC Davis.

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Putah Creek Essay - Field Trip #1: Putah Creek Essay...

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