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Study Q's for Quiz 2

Study Q's for Quiz 2 - discussed by Dr Elliot-Fisk 6 What...

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Study Questions for Quiz #2 ****This is not a complete list of things you should know for the exam. It is only an abbreviated list of study question to help you with the exam. Sorry, I ran out of time!) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 1. What are the major factors implicated in the loss of biodiversity? 2. Define the following terms: 1) fundamental niche and 2) realized niche , and explain what is responsible for the difference between the two. 3. What factors should be considered when designing a reserve (think SLOSS and in which order to add additional reserves) 4. What is an endangered species? 5. What is biodiversity? Distinguish between the three hierarchical levels of diversity
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Unformatted text preview: discussed by Dr. Elliot-Fisk. 6. What are two trends that affect distribution of biodiversity? 7. What are three important areas of input when designing conservation plans (think about the three circles from Dr. Wittmer’s lecture) 8. What is resiliency. Give an example of resiliency in a community. 9. Be able to integrate natural selection with the niche concept and biodiversity (particularly genetic diversity). 10. What is conservation biology? 11. Define: Individual, Species, Population, Community, Ecosystem. 12. What factors have led to the decline of Delta Smelt and how have them been dealt with?...
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