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“The Clan of One-Breasted Women” Reading Response Within the “Clan of One-Breasted Women,” Williams discusses her family’s religious views and how they have both, helped her family through times of trial and hurt her family by causing them to “not make waves.” Realizing this, Williams decides she can not longer remain silent, even if it means being an outsider in her Mormon community. Conflicting ideas about religion, or any other form of ideology, such as nationalism, codes of ethics, etc., are quite common. Some believe they foster community and strengthen human bonds. Others feel they put up walls between groups of people, and foster hate and violence. My question to you is: does following a common ideology (the values held by your country, religion, friends, family, school, etc.) make one a “better” person, a “worse” person, or a hybrid “better-worse” person? How is an ideology determined? How
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Unformatted text preview: should it be determined? Do the two add up? When is it imperative to break the rules? When it is a lost cause? Finally, do the benefits of making waves within a community outweigh the consequences (to the speaker, and the community itself) and how so? Length Expectations: 1-2 pages; typed; double-spaced; 12 point Arial or Times New Romans font Grading: This will be graded as a take-home assignment. Please review the grading scale on the syllabus or contact me if you have questions. Due Date: Wed. Sept. 5 th * Reminder MEA Rough Drafts are due the following day, so plan accordingly Procedure: You may print off a paper copy and bring it to class to turn it in, or you can submit an electronic copy via email. All email submissions should be sent by noon on Wed....
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