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Unformatted text preview:"Mm \05 Homework: Imagery in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (pp. 10207) ("ll/61 59"" Due: Wednesday, Jan. 20 1. What does the poem's title suggest to you about the poem and/or its speaker? Smtmmm' 5+ ise mwlwc, 0% sewn mums glmkr+ga§ov53, 1'on OWN}, M lilo Skier 7: C), AWN/Q QNM . 2. List the poem's key images, in the order in which they appear. If you need more space, continue on back. (And remember: images can draw on all five sensesmnot just the visual.) (oi/l) W Image (indicate lines): Emotions or attitudes suggested by image: :53 (WW Slim; M" "3405* fiesta, clear sic, Imps"! wwé \ a) in stem \f\ w" swat; m was kappa 3M ileum halite lDMuAFCMACka wok. eel Mkwl" 7. ~ 3' a x \ , 4A\/IOW\W¢\\:Q)1AQK{ min 931 have: "WNW (Ml "MSW: $3 W3 ,1 4" 31M?" :15: inf - B \.BA\ 00 1 (Butt " DVYlkvlollrg/uywmmlfthfl "W".Mk M" if" (blah/mac" '5 QM: (Y: 3W "Bi—QT} Jim "" W 62 uW'fiGhé Y'ZMW'X New}, Q lift. RQQWW N053 QM; (ififi'yy kw 3" L l'm'hak WM, mm .. u ,, - n , B3) :mamn Ma mm 9m m males Ann fie "6 Mwflt® tsetse":- 5"" 7a") lNW MUN éka' like W3)- S'l'kq'b'kmryW/kb ' TMQ phflli 'lLQ "(0%; M {P "M. we meoem MAM, We Celt—ed 5hr "MW in) WWhMmtm-Mé 010) mm Sequel" Maud? girtnhfis Plldlf "6% Mk" 6:"; "limb "MC" 9&th m—m) 03%" S W aw: eruulq (Ami, eh Ave 3. List any other keijecIiy (& include line references). 7' 76" Km 1 6M9" M' ""9""? We"; ("widths Mobile le'; (feline 3%?» m) Owl Cradle» M\L\0"l"" Hm; He, K6445, Wm Wis/tugaaw, ' 4. Does the mood of the imagery change from start to finish? Explain. "l "*"" first .Mimc'w swim M 9m warm/w mm rm whether" fb*'*"'9*°"'"'t \'b "XX,"MN' fit) "pkwg file; (arch IRMA memlrm Olmwl' Mk \"lcfm' Hamid" Ail—{VA 'l'R/ Wham *Mlb'rlj lb 0!"? gore ,WLB ("Wt/9 QW3XM mbmrqmwo m @Q/H'H't) 0% i Y or o W an hgmgl'm'l balm/A» Matt's; seem \Gné Y'o w la, is émfii, u' «39% . TOM)"; WW?" b 5. How does the poem's imagery help communicate its basic theme? (Elaborate on the back if £9 HQ {302%, you need to & don't forget to identify what you think the poem's basic theme is.) EFlW HUS (50! SM 09' "WW Commits; suii'ag Wow it: '1'" \b 9&4) Perot" tM+MM5M\ J13 03M {Ii/19$" dhwtfij 0v! gm} Q3 VNWC' WWWZE Ms 07W; "3,19%qu to W3 owe we m We 0.3%. B QmW'lB Alt/firm" Cam/M) o\(\, :«Jttwé oHletv'xy o'r imbifio WWW QWVS "NW Wtéfilo otCU'W 'llfilhemizlde, "MWWW'S' L3 \mABoU WK Mrwxé , Mawckw. QWWEQ? (we WI PMN' lefibpn W ,3 beam m "Wk SW9"? Mw'xés «My, MW WW N\\M" 511;? 49 M "Wm 213%",wa PM: Wfim (em mm, mfl —\l\\ "Wm WWQ MQWB) W093) Smart/Con H? We, m3 w, W 1 m\\ émmaw; Qm,