essay 2 - Tensen 1 Brad Tensen Essay #2 Core 154:03 Dr....

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Tensen 1 Brad Tensen Essay #2 Core 154:03 Dr. Douglas Habib April 6, 2007 The last unit we have covered in class about race and its place in America has been very interesting. Race has always been something that I knew was out there, but I never stopped to think about how much of a role it plays in our society. This class has really opened my eyes to the way different races and cultures interact on a daily bases. America is a country that is very different than just about every other country in the world. Very few in any other countries are made up of such a melting pot of cultures and races. The way the cultures work together and fit into a community is what separates our country from all the others. Nearly everyone has a different experience with race, ethnicity and culture. My experience is different than another person’s. All of the individual experiences and cultures come together and form what America is. Across the country, cities and towns are made up of different amounts of races. Every place is unique. For example, a person who grows up in a small farming community in the mid-west will have a completely different experience with race and ethnicity than a person who was raised in the Bronx. The person who grew up in the small town will be around nearly all Caucasian people all of the time. They might interact
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essay 2 - Tensen 1 Brad Tensen Essay #2 Core 154:03 Dr....

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