Steroids in Baseball

Steroids in Baseball - Brad Tensen Tamara Toomey English...

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Brad Tensen Tamara Toomey English 101-01 August 1, 2007 The Tainted Record In the article “Beer? Hot Dogs? Steroids?” there are many interesting points and issues the author Charles Krauthammer brings up. He does a lot of comparison between the game of baseball many years ago to the game of baseball today. He brings up Babe Ruth and the home run record he set without using steroids. Then Krauthammer talks about Barry Bonds and his alleged use of steroids to aid his pursuit of becoming the new career homerun record holder. In the article, Krauthammer discussed why steroids are so bad and why they have such a negative taint in America. He compares them to a public speaker taking beta-blockers to calm their nerves before they speak. No one has a problem with this because the speaker is not in competition with anyone else and the beta-blockers are not changing the physiology of the speaker. He also compares lasik eye surgery to using steroids. An athlete who receives lasik is improving their eye sight to gain an advantage over the competition and they are changing their physiology while they do it. However, nobody has a problem with lasik because it is legal. The author of this article believes that even though Bonds has used steroids, his homerun records should stand (A19). Although, Krauthammer argues the record should still stand and just have a taint that goes with it, I feel the record has only been captured due to the use of steroids and these records by Bonds should be left out of the record books completely for cheating. There is no question that Barry Bonds is one of the greatest ball players of all time let
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Steroids in Baseball - Brad Tensen Tamara Toomey English...

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