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Brad Tensen Physics 211L Linear Momentum Introduction: Newton’s second law says that if the net external force on a system of objects is zero, then the total linear momentum of the system is conserved. In this experiment, we examined the conservation of linear momentum for a system consisting of two dynamics carts. Procedure: 1. The first test is with two masses that are initially at rest. Mass the two dynamics carts and measure the length of the tape used as a flag. 2. Place the carts together in between the photogates and press the button to release them. 3. Record the times on the charts of the data sheet. 4. Obtain several readings by doing the test several times. 5. The second case is with a collision of two objects of equal mass. Mass the objects and measure the length of the flag. 6. Put the cart in between the photogates and the other cart outside if the gates. 7. Release the plunger of the cart outside and let it collide into the other cart. 8.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course PHYSICS 211 taught by Professor Wang during the Spring '07 term at Idaho.

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