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Spencer Syfrig September 12, 2006 COM 225 A deadly blizzard is wrecking havoc on the Midwest this week. The storm has caused more than 40 deaths and has left thousands with no power or stranded along the interstates. William Jennings of the Arkansas Highway Patrol says, “This is the worst storm in ten years and winter has just begun.” Relief workers have been sent to aid the affected areas but are faced with continuing ice and snow. Another storm is developing off the Carolinas which could bring up to a foot of snow to the Northern states.
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Unformatted text preview: A local business is burglarized after the owner is assaulted. An unidentified man confronted the owner of the Executive Lounge early this morning demanding the safe be opened. The owner was then beaten unconscious and awoke to $15,000 missing. This is the third time the Executive Lounge has been the site of a burglary. Close to $100,000 has been taken in the last two and a half years. No suspects have been identified but an ongoing investigation is under way....
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