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Spencer Syfrig 1 MY service: Custom Car shop Producer: Lauren Novak What you are going to do for the client? To train employees to look professional and do the job right. How much will it cost? $1,000 How many people are you going to use and for how long? Founder and two employees for a day. What are the company’s competitors? Their strength and weaknesses? Drop off dry-cleaners, do it yourself laundry places. The other ways may be slightly cheaper but this is more convenient. How are you going to motivate employees in corporate video? Tell them about how much money can be made. The service I am offering is a national at-your-door dry-clean service. We will come to your house and pick up your dry-cleaning or laundry and return it once it is done. It is more convenient than traditional services.
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Spencer Syfrig 2 VIDEO Faded in/out shots of different situations: smiling customer giving laundry to driver, happy driver driving, happy woman unpacking laundry, etc (30 sec) Carl Clean standing at corporate office in-
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