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npr_vs_commerical - somewhat foreign and proper while the...

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Spencer Syfrig Com 225 KM Professor Lipke September 11, 2006 NPR vs. Public Radio When listening to National Public Radio and a local commercial station I noticed few differences. NPR covered more international stories while the commercial station covered less international and more local stories. I assume this is because NPR is broadcast nationally while the other stations are not. The NPR news hosts also sounded
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Unformatted text preview: somewhat foreign and proper while the commercial hosts sounded local and more casual. Again, this is probably because NPR is broadcast out of Washington D.C and the commercial station is broadcast out of Tampa. Both stations did not cover soft news in the broadcasts I listened to....
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  • Fall '06
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  • National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting Service, public broadcasting, Public Radio International, commercial station

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