overcrowded_ut - guess its kind of cool having a big bed...

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O/C: SPENCER SYFRIG CG: NAME AND LOCATION SCENE: INFRONT OF UT ENTRANCE SIGN PKG 1 SHOT OF FRONT OF HOTEL, NAMES ON HOTEL DOORS, PEOPLE CHECKING IN, KIDS WALKING TO CAMPUS END PKG 1 O/C: JOHN FROSH CG: JOHN FROSH/ FRESHMAN IN HYATT HOTEL O/C: SPENCER SYFRIG SCENE: MCKAY DORM ROOM O/C: MATT UNLUCKIE CG: MATT UNLUCKIE / LIVES IN A QUADRUPLE ROOM O/C: SPENCER SYFRIG SCENE: MAILROOM I’m Spencer Syfrig here at the University of Tampa campus. The University is experiencing something that is on the mind of many of the students and faculty. Overcrowding. The 5,000 student school is feeling the pressure of a small campus. Many new incoming students were confused when they received notification that they would be living in a hotel. 300 students are living in the Hyatt Regency hotel located across the Hillsborough, a one mile walk from campus. The University provides a shuttle system to and from campus. Freshman John Frosh had this to say “I didn’t know what to expect when I heard I was living in a hotel off-campus. I mean, I
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Unformatted text preview: guess its kind of cool having a big bed and a pool and stuff, but I dont feel like I am part of the campus and its a pain to get to campus. I hope I get to move in somewhere soon. Some students say they would rather live in a hotel then their current residence hall. Matt Unluckie lives with three other roommates in a room designed for two in the oldest residence hall. I hate it. The room is tiny and having four big guys on two sets of bunk beds is horrible. I would love to be in the Hyatt instead of here. Its just not fair. Another place where students are feeling the crunch is in the student mailroom. The mailroom is original to the historic Plant Hall building, built in 1872. Each student is designated a mailbox that they keep throughout their school career. Because of the amount of students and lack of staff mail often takes a week or more to get to the students once it is received in the mailroom. Mailroom Supervisor Kim Postal says,...
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overcrowded_ut - guess its kind of cool having a big bed...

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