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screenplay - Outline"Confederates in the Attic The story of...

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Outline “Confederates in the Attic” The story of TONY HOROWITZ, whom one day rediscovers his childhood love of the Civil War when he witnesses a battle reenactment taking place in his back yard. Tony decides to join in on a reenactment and meets a friend whom later invites Tony on a “Civil Wargasm”, a week long tour of all the major civil war battle sites, while dressed and living as soldiers from the era. Tony finds out a lot about himself as well as about racism and prejudice that is hidden throughout the nation.
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“CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC” “An Awakening” FADE IN: 1. EXT. MOUNTAIN HOUSE IN WOODS – MORNING 2. KITCHEN WITH DINING ROOM TABLE INSIDE HOUSE TONY HOROWITZ, a middle-aged, balding man wearing pajamas and a robe with slippers, sits at table drinking coffee and reading newspaper. ALLISON HOROWITZ, in robe stands at stove cooking bacon. No sound except bacon sizzling. SFX: RIFLE SHOT TONY looks up at ALLISON abruptly, who looks scared. TONY stands up and creeps towards the door.
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