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syfrig_test_retake - Ricky Bobby for Florida State Governor...

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Ricky Bobby for Florida State Governor Copy Platform: Video Close up of Ricky Bobby driving an old Cadillac car on highway. Car swerving and honking behind driver. Bobby looks in rearview-mirror. Car passes Bobby, speeding and shaking fist at Bobby. Close up of New York license plate, quick cut to Bobby shaking head. Far shot of crowded beach with pale/white people lying on towels. Bobby is laying in center on towel shaking head. Shot of “the Nanny” talking on a phone. Picture of Bobby standing in front of a waving American flag. Bobby walking along a typical old- southern mainstreet. Bobby playing with kids in a park. Bobby playing cards with friends. Bobby driving a racecar. Audio MUSIC: DIXIE PLAYING THROUGH RADIO SFX :CAR HORNS, TIRES SCREECHING V/O: ARE YOU TIRED OF YANKEES TRYING TO RUIN THE SLOW SOUTHERN LIFESTYLE? SFX: CROWD NOISE V/O: ARE YOU TIRED OF THEM CROWDING OUR BEACHES STEALING ALL OUR BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE? AND WHAT ABOUT THEIR ACCENTS? WELL RICKY BOBBY IS READY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. HE HAS DRAFTED A PLAN TO FORTIFY THE MASON-DIXIE LINE AND BLOCK ACCESS FROM NORTHERN IMMIGRANTS.
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