Chapter 5 Learning Psych

Chapter 5 Learning Psych - Chapter 5: Learning 10/3/06...

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Chapter 5: Learning 10/3/06 Learning : is a relatively permanent change in behavior, knowledge, capability, or attitude as a result of experience. -cannot be attributed to illness, injury, or maturation. Why do we Learn? - Change is the only constant in the world - To adapt to a constantly changing environment - learning is a mechanism for adapting to change Three types of Learning Classical Conditioning: learning by association Operant Conditioning: learning by consequences or behavior. Modeling (Social Cognitive Theory): learning by watching others. Classical Conditioning - Ivan Pavlov - Studied digestion in Dogs - Dogs salivated in response to stimuli associated w/ feeding - Instinct could be modified by learning Classical Conditioning A type of learning through which an organism makes an association between one stimulus and another. - Stimulus: Any event or object in the environment to which an organism responds. Terms: - Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS): produces a response w/o learning - Unconditioned Response (UCR): unlearned response - Conditioned Stimulus (CS): previously neutral stimulus elicits response after being paired w/ UCS - Conditioned Response: learned response to CS after UCS-CS are paired. Similar to UCR Two Critical Features of CC 1) usually involves the learning of involuntary responses over which the learner has no control (i.e. the behavior involved is a reflex response). 2) Presentation of the two stimuli is independent of the behavior of the organism (i.e. the CS and US are presented regardless of what the organism does.)
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Chapter 5 Learning Psych - Chapter 5: Learning 10/3/06...

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