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Below are the questions you made up. I will choose 50 from the list, modify some and switch answer and question around on others. Make sure you study all of them and read the book. The answers are indicated in blue. 1. The McDonald’s operation manual is also known as what? The Bible 2. Fast Food kitchens often seem like a scene from what movie where actors are children pretending to be adults? Bugsy Malone 3. What was Taco Bell sued for? For not paying employees for work they had done. Examples included: Being paid in food and not money, having had to clean the restaurant on one’s own time, being forced to work without pay after shifts, and not being allowed to clock in until the restaurant became busy. 4. Overall who keeps the fast food industry running? Teenagers 5. What is the fast food industry’s current goal? To find away to make it possible for them to not have to train their employees. By having machines that can only allow one process so that there is little room for error. 6. What is stroking? A form of positive reinforcement, deliberate praise, and recognition that many teenagers don’t get at home. 7. In the section “A Broken Link” how does Hank die? And why does his death seem strange? Hanks committed suicide but it does not make sense because from the outside everything looked fine he seemed to be a happy person . 8. In your own words describe the ranchers situation in Colorado today. The average rancher in Colorado is struggling in today’s market. 9. How many pounds of beef does it say the average American eats per year? Sixty Eight pounds of beef per year. 10. Who created the Iowa Beef Packers? Currier J. Holman and A.D. Anderson 11. True/False: The IBP used an assembly line to eliminate the need for skilled workers? True. 12. What was different about how McDonalds franchised its business? It charged a low franchising fee.
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13. Why did the McDonalds franchise cost less than the franchises for other fast food chains? Ray Kroc was not greedy, but was instead more interested in making a sale
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50question_quiz2 - Below are the questions you made up I...

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