changes_resulting_from_wilma - (true/false multiple choice...

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Be sure to read everything on this page. Revised Due Dates for Illustrative Writing: 1. Teacher Review Draft and Review of Tuesday, October 18, class: midnight on Tuesday, October 25. (4 pts) Both documents must be submitted as ONE file or together in ONE Folder. If you send two separate documents (or send them via two different media) the review will not be scored by itself. No exceptions. 2. Final Draft: midnight on Sunday, October 30. Syllabus Changes 1. Tuesday, October 25, 2005: Discuss Fast Food Nation 2. Thursday, October 27, 2005: Discuss Fast Food Nation. 3. Tuesday, November 1 2005: Teacher Student Conference Con/Pro paper 4. Thursday, November 3, 2004: 50-question quiz, covering p 59-288 FFN Question and answer preparation teams for quiz. Each team/pair must read its assigned section and develop a set of five short questions
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Unformatted text preview: (true/false, multiple choice, etc.) and answers . This Q & A participation activity is worth 5 points. The Q & A activity sheet is due midnight, Saturday, October 29, DDB. Save it using the names I am using below—e.g. Jason & Shenna Q&A. Jason & Sheena, 59-67 Sarah and Jamie, 67-75 Jose, Greg and Mathew Gentles, 75-87 Shelby and Nick, 91-98 Spencer and Glenn, 98-107 Becky and Bill, 111-119 Hollist, 119-133 Mathew Bedran and Ashley, 133-142 Nate and Stephen, 142-157 Brian and Devin, 157-166 Tessa and Vanessa, 169-183 Lydia and Maura, 183-190 Amy and Leann, 190-199 Alex and Jonathan, 199-207 Erika and Joe, 208-218 Robert Gray and Robert Binger, 218-229 Garrett Callahan and Sylvio, 229, 239 John Gaspari & Josh Bennett, 239-252 Kaitlyn & Candace, 252-270 Emily & Carey, 270-288...
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changes_resulting_from_wilma - (true/false multiple choice...

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