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Name: Spencer Syfrig Topic Chosen: Kahoolawe Thesis: The Navy should not return Kahoolawe because there is no civilian use for it. Specific Audience: Hawaiian protestors. Key words: No alternative, no use. Pro Page number or article . reference Con Page number or article reference There is no environmental effect of the bombings 312 There is an environmental effect from the bombings. 312, 317 There are too many old shells/ammunition on island to return to the state. Article 3 There is no national security threat that requires the island. 316 The island is important to maintain combat readiness. 320, art 14 It violates religious rights.
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Unformatted text preview: 317 There is no groundwater and desalinization is cost prohibitive. 320 There is hidden Hawaiian history to find 318 The Navy has made certain areas protected environmentally and planted trees. 324 The island could be used for tourist activities 321 There are no better alternative islands 325, 331 Bombings bother residents on nearby islands 326 The Navy is doing all they can to protect ancient shrines 330 The bombings are inaccurate 331 Rehabilitation would cost too much money 338 Grass and Trees could be grown 337, article 22 The island is overrun with goats and sheep. Rain water could be harvested for use 355...
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