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Spencer Syfrig Comprehensive Analysis Anti-Marriage? In the essay “Same-Sex Marriage” by Laurie Essig (page 622), the author explains her view of same-sex marriage. It is a unique essay because the author has the view of being against same-sex marriage as well as heterosexual marriage. She is addressing those whom are pro-gay marriage and trying to demonstrate her position of being against all marriage, regardless of the sex of the partners. She does this effectively with her multiple points. She uses the history of marriage in the in the fourth and fifth paragraphs to portray the reason that marriage is bad. She does not employ any statistics which could have helped strengthen her essay with concrete evidence. She also makes use a lot of rhetorical questions to the reader to help the reader grasp her view in paragraphs nine, eleven, twelve. Essig makes some assumptions in this article. She
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Unformatted text preview: assumes all the reasons that a couple would choose to become married. She assumes it would be for tax reasons. She also assumes that all readers subscribe to a religion when she states that marriage should be decided by different religions and not by the state. Essig does address opposing viewpoints effectively in the article in multiple places. This is most apparent in paragraph eleven where she states the opposing viewpoint clearly and then follows this with questions for the reader to consider. There are few fallacies within her essay. One would be a hasty generalization when she states that a huge number of marriages end in divorce and even those that are happy aren’t necessarily in paragraph eleven. Essig does provide a persuasive argument against marriage in general which is an interesting viewpoint with evidence that is rarely shown against the ritual of marriage....
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