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Mini-MIOP - 1 Spencer Syfrig Nevins-Casswell Mini-MIOP...

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1 Spencer Syfrig April 19, 2006 Nevins-Casswell Mini-MIOP Silicone Valley Leaders Where would the world be without computers? Many members of today’s generation cannot even recall a time without them. Computers have become an integral part of today’s society with help from two companies: Microsoft and Apple. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs serve as CEO’s and founders for these two companies respectively. Both have had immense success in their fields and are the main competitors of one another. Although both share certain similarities, there are also attributes that distance one from the other. Bill Gates’ business strategy and lifetime experiences have made him a better leader and role model than Steve Jobs. When William Henry Gates III was born in 1955, no one could imagine he would later reach the wealth and fame that he has. Gates attended the best schooling in Seattle where he grew up and continued his education at Harvard until he decided to change his career plans and focus on software development. Along with his business partner since high school, Paul Allen, he formed the framework of what would later become the Windows operating system. Gates is a relentless businessman and used many techniques to further his success, many accusations of monopolizing the market illegally have been made which have resulted in little decline in the company. As time went on and the software grew, so did Gates wealth. His estimated wealth in 2005 was $51 billion, making him the world’s richest man for the past ten years. Despite this status Gates, along with his wife, have donated more than half of his wealth to charities and to
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2 scholarships. Today many consider Bill Gates to be one of the most influential
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