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Opposing Viewpoint of Mini - Toy Story and The Incredibles

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Spencer Syfrig Opposing Viewpoint of Mini-MIOP Steve Job’s company, Apple, has recently began to catch up with the Microsoft market of Bill Gates. With the advent of the iPod and other similar devices Apple has dominated the music department of these companies. This was in response to Microsoft’s long tradition of diversifying their market and marketing different products. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Apple has quickly come to be the main name in the portable music industry. If Bill Gates does not help produce a revolutionary product to rival the iPod then Apple will continue their dominance. Another place that Steve Jobs has come to surpass Bill Gates is in the Movie industry. Jobs was CEO and chairmen of Pixar Animation, which created films such as
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Unformatted text preview: Toy Story and The Incredibles (www.wikipedia.com). The company has revolutionized the digital animation world. Disney has recently agreed to purchase Pixar for $7.4 billion in stock. This will make Jobs the biggest shareholder in Disney (www.wikipedia.com). Bill Gates has yet to successfully go into the movie industry but if and when he does he will have stiff competition from Steve Jobs. Job’s has become a bigger innovator in recent years after following in Bill Gates footsteps. This has lead Apple to make a comeback and take some of the market from Microsoft. If this trend continues then Steve Jobs will surpass Bill Gates in both success and eventually wealth....
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