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FeastofPlenty - facts such as Tampa having the sixth...

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Spencer Syfrig March 28,2006 GIS 101 The Feast of Plenty I thought The Feast of Plenty was great. Walking into the event I didn’t know what to expect. I was given a colored card and told to sit in a group of chairs at the front of the room. Behind me was a decorated table with fancy table settings and flowers. We were then told to go and get our food. Our food was rice and water. Great. So I was eating my rice and water and watching the other groups get multiple courses of food and drinks. It was very significant. They then gave a presentation which had some shocking
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Unformatted text preview: facts such as Tampa having the sixth biggest homeless population. One of the speakers talked about volunteer opportunities with Second Harvest Food Bank. After his talk I approached him and got his contact information. I have now setup my fraternity to volunteer a Saturday in April to help sort foods. I really thought the program and simulation was great and I wish that they had actually advertised it because I think many students could have benefited from this experience....
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  • Spring '06
  • Smith
  • English-language films, food bank, harvest food bank, Spencer Syfrig, fancy table settings, biggest homeless population

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