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EDUC 192A Paper #3 Please choose 1 of the following paper options and respond in a 3 page paper. Due: the week of April 9 in your seminar section . Option #1: Choose two of the weekly themes covered so far in class and discuss how they related to the documentary, “Spellbound.” Option #2: Maura Hart believes that the next 100 years are going to be about problem solving. What skills do our students need to learn, and how can schools foster these, in order for them to
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Unformatted text preview: successfully meet the challenges they will inherit? Your paper must: Be titled; Be 3 pages typed and stapled; Be double spaced with 1’ or 1.25” margins; Be written using 12 pt font; Include your name, student #, the name of your TA and your seminar section. For an optimum score, please be certain to follow the criteria contained in the attached rubric to the very best of your ability! If you have any questions please see your TA....
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