Lecture Outline: 4-3

Lecture Outline 4-3 - April 3 2008 Who is the narrator Not the author Well off(money wise Fairly educated(complex sentence structure Trusting of

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Unformatted text preview: April 3, 2008 Who is the narrator? Not the author! Well off (money wise) Fairly educated (complex sentence structure) Trusting of others (takes doctor's advice, faith in Julius) Why did Chesnutt decide to have Julius tell these stories to the narrator instead of telling them directly to us, the readers? Have a mediator between white and black readers Show two perspectives Show how African Americans were perceived--see the story being told by a black man but through a white man's eyes Should we identify with the narrator? Should we trust his take on Julius and the stories? Is he a totally reliable narrator? Page 244- story set after Civil War- post-reconstruction (Reign of Terror- most lynching occurred around 1892) "It was a sufficient time after the war for conditions in the South to have become somewhat settled." (narrator)- this is not completely accurate "Labor was cheap, and land could be bought for a mere song." newly freed slaves, former slaves will work for practically nothing. "There was a shrewdness in his eyes, too, which was not altogether African..." assumption is that an African cannot be shrewd. How does the narrator interpret Julius's stories? What is the bottom line of Julius's intentions as far as the narrator is concerned? Narrator thinks Julius is telling the stories so that he will not buy the land Narrator thinks Julius is telling the stories to get food Even if that is Julius's only intention, is that the only meaning of his stories? No- the stories convey something about slavery. ...
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