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ExtraCredit - 3 Turn in your ticket/receipt stapled to a...

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GEOS 200 Spring 2007 Extra Credit Opportunity 20 points maximum Due: Monday, April 28 th (bring to final exam) 1. Visit The World Around Us exhibit at the Louisville Science Center between now and the final exam date. 2. As you go through the exhibit, write down five (5) things from the exhibit that pertain to the subject matter that was covered in GEOS 200 this past semester. For example, if the hydrology exhibit included an oxbow lake (it doesn’t), you could note that.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Turn in your ticket/receipt, stapled to a page describing your 5 observations. It is not enough to list your observations. You must write a sentence describing each one. 4. If you go with friends, be sure to work independently on your observations. For information about Louisville Science Center hours, price and location, go to the website: http://www.louisvillescience.org/ Bring your student ID with you for a reduced admission fee....
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