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GeogAwareness.Spring08 - 10 If it’s noon on October 24 th...

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Name: _________________________ GEOS 200 Physical Geography Awareness Handout Read through these questions to see how many you can answer now. As we proceed through the course, write in the correct answers as you learn the material. All of these questions will be on the final exam. 1. What is the average annual rainfall of Louisville? 2. What is Louisville’s latitude and longitude? 3. Which of the following are you most likely to find in Kentucky? a. active volcanoes b. Pleistocene glacial remnants c. karst topography d. an atoll 4. If it’s 6:00 p.m. in Louisville, what time is it in Newfoundland? 5. In the northern hemisphere, what is the shortest day of the year? 6. What is the elevation of Louisville (roughly)? 7. Which body of water does the Ohio River flow into? 8. What is the name of the fault system that poses an earthquake hazard for us in Louisville? 9. In terms of its volume of surface water, how does Kentucky rank among U.S. states?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. If it’s noon on October 24 th in Louisville, what is the date in Tokyo, Japan? 11. During the Pleistocene (Ice Age), how far south did the glaciers extend? a. Great Lakes b. Tennessee/Kentucky border c. Gulf of Mexico d. Ohio River 12. In the United States, general air circulation and movement of weather systems is from a. north to south b. west to east c. south to north d. east to west 13. In the northern hemisphere, in which direction do winds in a cyclone spiral? Circle one: clockwise or counterclockwise. 14. Which atmospheric layer do we live in? 15. What are the record high and low temperatures for Louisville? 16. Which phase is the moon currently in? 17. Ohio River flood stage at McAlpine Upper (in Louisville) is ________ ft. 18. Louisville’s climate type is: __________________________________. 19. Louisville’s biome is: _____________________________________________....
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