GEOS200.Assign1 - Directional (N,E,S,W) and zoom (+,-)...

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GEOS 200 Assignment #1 Google Earth Due: Thursday, January 24 Description: Use map navigation tools in Google Earth to find Louisville, Davidson Hall (on U of L campus), and your place of residence. Record the orientation of your residence (i.e. which direction it faces), its lat/long coordinates and elevation. 1. Download Google Earth onto your computer. (If you do not have access to a computer, please email me so we can get you access to a computer in the Geography computer lab). Go to . In the upper right corner, click on Get Google Earth (free version) and follow directions to download the software on your computer. 2. Use map navigation tools in Google Earth to find downtown Louisville, Davidson Hall and your residence. Save these images as JPEG files. Open Google Earth and type in your city under the Fly To tab (example: Louisville, Kentucky). Google Earth will zoom to that city. Move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the map.
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Unformatted text preview: Directional (N,E,S,W) and zoom (+,-) tools will appear. Use those tools to zoom to downtown Louisville. If Google Earth starts to zoom or pan too quickly, hit the Stop button (black square) under the Fly To tab (see image below). When youve located downtown Louisville, save the image (File Save Save Image). Your map image will be saved as a JPEG file. Repeat for Davidson Hall (the building our class is in) and your place of residence. For your place of residence, place the cursor over it and record latitude and longitude (bottom left side of screen) and elevation. Make a note of which direction your home faces. 3. Create a Word document that shows all three images (see example on next page) and the lat/long and elevation of your home, plus the direction it faces. To insert images in Word, use Insert Picture From File. Louisville, Kentucky (Ohio River to north) University of Louisville Dr. Hanchettes house...
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GEOS200.Assign1 - Directional (N,E,S,W) and zoom (+,-)...

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