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Geosciences 200: The Global Environment Assignment #4: Sink Holes Due: Thursday, April 10 th Objective : Identify sinkholes on a topographic quad map in Kentucky or Indiana. 1. Examine karst topography maps of Kentucky, Indiana, and/or the United States. Useful maps can be found in the following on-line documents: a. Karst in Kentucky: b. Karst in Indiana: c. Karst in the United States: 2. Using an atlas or road map (if needed), locate a town that you think is in a karst area, based on information provided by the Kentucky, Indiana, or U.S. karst maps. 3. Go to . 4. Type your city/town location in the ‘Place Name Search’ box on the left side of the page.
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Unformatted text preview: A new page will come up with information about your place. Click on the blue link under Place to view a topo map. 5. On the left side are a number of buttons with map options. Be sure to choose the 1:24K/25K button. You may choose a medium or large Map Size (be sure to hit the ‘Update Map’ button if you change map options). Also, you may choose to view the map at a larger View Scale (e.g. 1:24,000) in order to locate actual sinkholes. 6. If your topo does not contain sinkholes, you can choose the arrows at the top/bottom/side of the map to move N, S, E, W, or you can try another city/town location. 7. Once you’ve located a topo map with sinkholes, print it out. Turn this in with your name and location indicated. Location can be designated by either city/town, or name of the quad....
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