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GEOS200.Assign5 - Word 4 Next hit the Aerial Photo tab Make...

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Geosciences 200: The Global Environment Assignment #5 Oxbow Lakes Due: Thursday, April 17 th Objective : Identify an oxbow lake(s) on a topographic quad map and find same feature on air photo. 1. Examine an atlas of Mississippi (or other state along Mississippi River) and find an area or town along the Mississippi River where there are meanders and oxbow lakes. 2. Go to http://terraserver-usa.com/ and find a topographic map that shows an oxbow lake. Follow the procedures that you used in Assignment #4, i.e. start by entering town name. 3. When you have found a topographic map with your feature, print it out or save it for insertion into
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Unformatted text preview: Word. 4. Next, hit the Aerial Photo tab. Make sure that your oxbow lake shows up in the air photo. 5. Print out or save your air photo. (If you prefer to get your air photo from Google Earth, that’s fine.) 6. Turn in your printed topo map and air photo. Be sure to include your name and the map location. 7. DO NOT EMAIL THE COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT TO ME!!! I have no space in my inbox and will delete it. Beulah, Mississippi. Topozone map and TerraServer air photo. Do not use Beulah, Mississippi for your assignment!...
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