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Unformatted text preview: 5/16/2016 Collection — M IS-64042-011-201560: GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY . _, PrabhakarNeerudi 3 RENT b E. My Institution Courses 9 My Grades Collection ? Collection Users can Collect posts into a printable, sortable format. Collections are a good way to organize posts for quick reading.A Collection must be created to tag posts. Moreflglp Print Preview | Filter 3°” by Date of Last Post Order V Descending Forum Statlstlcs Select: [Ef—None H Neerudi Prabhakar (3) Mark 3;: i GRADE A- 6/26/1510:26 PM 3 Thread: Chapter Cases Posted Date: June 26, 2015 11:44 PM Post: Status: Published RE: WASTING TIME: THE NEW DIGITAL DIVIDE Author: E Prabhakar Neerudi COMMENTS in the beginning of PCs and the Internet, some innovation investigators and sociologists agonized over a "computerized gap," where wealthier and more instmcted individuals were significantly more prone to exploit fresher innovations then individuals from less- lucky financial gatherings. This separation between "those who are well off" and "the poor" has diminished over the long haul as Internet access, PCs, and cell phones have get to be less expensive than any time in recent memory some time recently. On the other hand, developing innovation use designs among diverse social gatherings propose that there is another partition: innovation clients from poorer and less- instructed foundations are utilizing innovation to fortify instead of dispense with financial variations. Mark as Unread Thread: Chapter Cases Posted Date: June 26,2015 11:40 PM Post: Status: Published RE: Life on the Grid: iPhone becomes iTrack Author: i: Prabhakar Neerudi because they want to track the mobile phone when the customer losts the phone and improve customer based location servicesyes, there should be an option to the customers to turn it off.|f needed the customers can turn on for their security purpose and turn of when they dont need.yes its a violation because these phones contain valuable information like bank accounts and family photos that are private. Mark as Unread Thread: Instructor Questions Posted Date: June 26,2015 10:26 PM Post: Status: Published RE: Google Wi-Fi Data Collection Author: i: Prabhakar Neerudi Yes , too believe its not ethical they might intimate the public or the government that they are collecting the 3D images and other data which is not a legal https://learn.kent.edu/webapps/discussionboard/do/message?forum_id=_323563_1&|ayer=forum&nav=discussion_board_entry&action=co|lect_for_stu_review_... 1/2 5/16/2016 Collection — M IS-64042-011-201560: GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY action. It will be a disaster if google collects data from laptops,phones and use them without intemating the public.AI| the companies data or secrets are stored in phones,the prrivacy of the public is disturbed that may lead to the downfalls of google which is one of the top companies.Google might take the permission of people or government before doing that . Mark as Unread Select: [LT None Mark 3 <—0K https://|earn.kent.edu/webapps/discussionboard/do/message?forum_id=_323563_1&|ayer=forum&nav=discussion_board_entry&action=co||ect_for_stu_review_... 22 ...
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